Meet the Pugs – Smith

Hello my name is Smith, I am a black male Pug. I am two years old.

I am boisterous little guy who never seems to rest bar when I sleep. Mommy and Daddy say I have ADHD but my Twitter pals say it’s called Black Pug Syndrome as most black puggies are like this. I love to be the centre of attention though I can be quite shy at first until I get to know you better.

Smith the Pug

Smith the pug

I love my walks and I loves to be the lead pug on the walk, I think I am in charge of the pack.

I also love to annoy my big pug sister Ava and I will admit to be the instigator of most of our fights, sadly and surprisingly Ava wins these fights, she has a deeper growl than me.

I love my toys and my favourite is my ball which I will play with for hours, I also enjoy stealing tea towels and oven gloves from the kitchen and play with them too!!!

Now you have learned about me Smith, meet Ava here

We also have a Facebook page so if you are on Facebook why not like us here too, we will of course like you back as that’s how us puggies roll!!!

Thanks for reading about me guys and pawbump to you.



71 responses to “Meet the Pugs – Smith

  1. Rambo (@RamboDutchPug)

    January 30, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    Hey guys, Smith is just like Rocky…when we have company, he can be very shy, and hides behind mommy, but when they are gone, he is as naughty as ever, always hanging on her trousers, He likes to lead also, and like to fight with Rambo, but Rambo always wins. Rocky can cry like a baby, he even can call “mama”!! But Rambo & Rocky are best friends, now & then a fight, mostly because food or treats!! Rambo is still the boss!

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  4. The Magic Studio

    March 18, 2012 at 3:43 am

    Hope Smith had a fun Paddy’s Day!


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